Sabtu, Mei 08, 2010



Good morning to all my friends, today my name is Papa Black . You also can call me Baba Black, but not Baba Black Sheep yea hehehe

So long Papa Black not practise our second language , so my n3 today is in english hehehe

We be able to speak at home with 3 language, first a malay, second english and third "body language"

Along this weekend, is a very busy week. I and my staff have to prepare a gift for the event organised by PPD .

Then the medal we order one week earlier is not suitable for the event . So i have to go personally to the supplier and make a new order.

Yesterday afternoon, papa black and mama black go to JB to take the delivery . After that we go to Plaza Angsana and took our lunch around 5.00 pm. We eat nasi ayam goreng sambal and rojak asma .

We arrived at our home in HC before magrib . Then papa black drive only with "kain pelikat buntang" and mama black with "kelawar dress" go back to our house at the jungle .

Alhamdulillah, all the medal's is ready for that event next week.

have to check 1 by 1 the 2010 story book
just arrived from publisher

this week
papa black also busy with this "benda alah"
our lunch few days ago is
kepala mayong masak asam pedas
in english
mayong heads hot sour
it's always make me suffer
because i have to finish it alone


if you like to put your comment, please leave your comment in english hehehehehe
only for this n3 yea

thank you
have a nice day


ps: cl, don't accuse me cruel yea hahahahahahahahahahahahahah

39 ulasan:

  1. ooo so late papa black n mama black having lunch.. luckily the stomach is not being fill with air.. hahaha.. if not, have to take knife and stab at the stomach to let the air goes by the wind.. hahaha..

  2. May Allah bless you Papa Black...

    Ooo..comment in english...
    if do not know no need to say anything aaa...

    Thank you....hee...heee...

    Good bye..good night hee..

  3. Wish papa black again aaa...

    next n3 don't lagguege of Jawaness aa..I not go to jawaness scholl only married to jawaness guy only..


  4. My Dear Papa Black,

    What an awesome entry. You make me laugh this morning. I wish that I can make some grammar corrections for you..but surely I am not going to do it here! Anyway I enjoy reading this post.
    Have a nice day. Take care!

    PS: Your asam pedas really disturbs my mind :)

  5. haha i drop by and u r funny. i like. eh those bks 4 who? really ur mama black goes angsana in batwoman outfit? ooh got many ppl stare or not? aniwae u all understand my singlish? i wan vst ur home in d jungle can? down here no more jungle just lots of rocks!

  6. Salam baba balck

    wonderful, cheerfull, I like that asam pedas


    clever baba black speak London, nak ke Afrika selatan tak lama lagi kan

  7. Salam to papa black..

    practise make fluent....
    preparing everthing for trip to black country aaa...
    papa black wearing in black visit brother black...hehehe..:)

  8. Assallamualaikum Papa Black,

    I love the way the N3 is written. its not burdened at all. I love it and understood. I enjoyed reading and looking at the 'asam pedas'
    Thanks for sharing the joys.

  9. Salam Baba Black...

    taraaaa, i'm backkkkkk.. alamummy! (alamak!) have to speak omputeh @ people white lah.. kenot speak kalu, kenot komen lah ek??.. heh heh

    anyway, i really enjoy reading this N3.. esp. your mayong head hot sour.. 'appetizing'! 1 week oledy no eat rice.. no appetite

    psstt.. long long time ago kan, my arwah father 'bilang', saturday is English day.. everybody have to speak english.. end up.. everybody use "body language".. awesome!! wa ka ka

  10. Regard from Makkah..

    woww....Papa Black speaking "london"..heheheheheh.

    '.congrate' but your 'Assam Pedas" look delicious...anyway...."CRUEL..."


  11. Dear Papa Black,

    I am here again to read your comments for everyone :) Guess we all enjoy to be given this opportunity to write in English!! Hope you reply as soon as possible.

  12. Salam,

    i wish papa black n mama black very very the happy for ever and ever...ayo yooo i'm trying to tpying in english...so hard and dificult to do that...hhahahah...

    anyway...i like your mayong head hot sour... but it look like 'asam pedas aja' cooking by mak itam, wife of pak itam...hehehe

    so cruelllll....ahhhhhhh ayoo ayooo

  13. hi CP

    in my stomach there is a small creature just eat the air hehehe

    don't worry, hehehe

    bruppppp, you see
    the small creature have already done the work hehe

  14. insyallah Kak su

    look, kak su also can comment in english, well done kak su hehe

  15. don't worry kak su

    baba black also can't speak in jawa because baba black is born in port swettenham, sweden heheheh

  16. BHS

    hihihihi , please close your mounth when u laugh heheh
    coz i'm afraid the devil go into your mouth hehehe

  17. class, please stand up

    "Good Morning Madam Zainab"

    "sit down class"

    "black , have u done your correction i told you yesterday "


    kak nab, i really enjoy when u enjoyed to read my n3 hehehehe

  18. mampir

    thats story books is published in 2010 , i have to supply it for all primary scholl around HC

    goes to angsana with batwoman outfit hehehe

    no lah, just wear it when we are going back from my guest house in HC to another house behind jungle hehehe

    insyallah, one day we can meet hehe

  19. waalaikumsalam az

    just for fun hehehehhe

  20. waalaikumsalam amz

    hehehe just for fun

    yup, i'm visiting my youngest brother , nelson mandela hehehe

    i'm also want to buy 2 or 3 leopard for kak ngah hehehe

  21. Greetings, Papa Black.

    I have a poem for you :

    Papa Black sheik
    Have you any wool?
    No sir, no sir
    Just hot sour
    A bowl for the madam
    A bowl for myself
    A bowl for my good friend
    Who lives in the Holy Land.

    OK or not? heheh...
    (Small sis also want Mama Black's hot sour, can arr? heh)

    psstt Mid Sis, welcome back! Missed you! ;)


  22. waalaikumsalam madam nadz

    glad u like this n3 hehehe
    just for fun hihi

    if u understand, my objective and mission complete hehehe

    please give A or B or C for this n3 heheheh

  23. kak chik

    OMG , i thought you spell
    Papa Black shit hehehe

    luckily sheik hahahahahaha

  24. waalaikum mid sis hehehe

    luckily u find the way to came home hahahahaha

    u still busy with your rubber tree until u forgot your papa black ya hehe

    pssss body language , only the married couple understand that language hehehehehe

  25. CL, papa black cannot speak arab's hehehe

    can cl teach me,

    papa black only can say in arab's "wahid, ithin, thalata " heheheheheheheh

  26. madam zainab


    i'm trying to reply the comments as soon as posible heheheh

    after that, hope madam zainab can give me A or B or C hehehehe

    hope's i can improve my english hehehe

  27. waalalaikum salam taj

    i'm not so cruel like adolf hitler heheheheheh

    difficult to wrote in english hehehehe

    more difficult to finish the mayong head hot sour heheheheheh

  28. KOG

    better run 10 km than to reply all this comment's in english hehehehehehehehehheheheh

  29. salam pak itam,

    tonite madam zainab is viewing all the comments that you had made. i give a big 'wow'...your sense of humour is fantastic...you write so well, congrats to you...now clap yourself! i like someone who is so brave like you. keep up the good work. i hope that there will be entry in english next time. you do make us all happy..make us smile..

    from madam zainab..the retired science teacher :))

  30. salam - excited to comment in English...Very2 good! Better start practice now...the time will come soon...& sure you can comunicate very fluent...! have a nice day...Very delicious your asam pedas ( spicy sour )

  31. waaalaikum salam kak nab

    dah lebih kul 12 tgh malam, jadi boleh jawab komen dalam bahasa melayu


    alhamdulilah, sebenarnya saya boleh berbahasa inggeris walaupun sekolah tak tinggi , insyallah

    semua tu saya belajar masa di sek. men. lagi . masa tu cikgu saya seorg benggali, namanya mr santa . dia pakai serban dan kami suka main tepuk dahi sambil cakap "bai", kalau nak selamat dr dahi diketuk , kena cakap "off" hehe

    nakal masa dulu2

    tapi belajar ttp belajar BI dan dapat kredit lagi masa SPM, terbaliknya BM lulus je hehehehe

  32. waalaikum salam madam SAK


    saja sesuke je cikgu , kalau dapat anak murid mcm saya ni, mcmmanalah agak nya ye cikgu hehehe

  33. salam black maria ops baba black

    i notice some grammatical mistakes here. See me after school hwa kakakakaka..

    have a nice day and great assam pedas pictures. Drooling!!!!

  34. waalikum salam khairyn

    orait mem hehehe kul brp hehehe

  35. Hehehe....you're funny!!! :D

  36. marla

    hehehe just for fun je heheheh

    sekadar menghibur dunia maya dan kekawan semua

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